March 1, 2017

Elizabeth Warren Caves To Left-Wing Extremists

Liberal extremists have all the proof they need that they can get Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to do whatever they want. Weeks after she voting to move Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson’s nomination out of committee, Warren today reversed course and voted against him.

What changed? An avalanche of criticism from the left:

“Even some of the Democrats most beloved by the left are proving vulnerable to increasingly pointed criticism about their handling of Mr. Trump. Ms. Warren faced searing anger from liberals last week over her willingness to vote for the confirmation of Ben Carson, the neurosurgeon and former Republican presidential candidate, for secretary of housing and urban development.”

Some activists were so incensed that they screamed that she had “sold us out.” The negative response was so great that Warren was forced to post a long explanation on Facebook defending her decision. Warren obviously doesn’t want to go through that experience again so she flip-flopped. By caving to progressive pressure, though,  Warren has revealed that she’s another inauthentic politician who bends to pressure rather than stand on principle.