Elizabeth Warren Crumbling, Refuses To Be Honest About Her Middle-Class Tax Hikes

Elizabeth Warren Crumbling, Refuses To Be Honest About Her Middle-Class Tax Hikes

Elizabeth Warren’s ascension to ‘frontrunner’ status has brought ‘turbulence’ & bad headlines, raising doubt on depth of candidacy.

October 17, 2019
Elizabeth Warren Crumbling, Refuses To Be Honest About Her Middle-Class Tax Hikes

Washington Post: Elizabeth Warren Hits some Turbulence

Warren cannot put this question behind her by evading it. All she has done is guarantee that it will come up over and over again, and the longer she dodges, the more she will raise larger doubts about whether she is as forthright as she has portrayed herself to be.

“At a critical moment when Americans have begun to take her measure as a real possibility to become the next president of the United States, Warren’s job is to show not only that she has done her homework but also that she is someone they can trust. She should have a plan for that.”

Bloomberg: Warren Left $30 Trillion Short of Paying for Her Health Plan

“Even with what remains after raising those taxes, there wouldn’t be enough revenue from top earners and corporations to fund the estimated $30 trillion 10-year cost for Medicare for All. She’d have to find more revenue streams and that would have to include increasing taxes on the middle class, according to public finance experts across the political spectrum.”

The Atlantic: The Risk of Elizabeth Warren’s Dodging

Her avoidance of the taxes question “hurts her brand,” Dayton, Ohio, Mayor Nan Whaley told me…”

“Jeff Weaver, Sanders’s chief strategist…argued that his own boss was being “straightforward” in saying that raising taxes would help pay for Medicare for All. “That’s the honest answer; that’s the only answer,” he told me when I followed up.”

“…Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey said he wasn’t going to attack anyone, but he made sure to point out that he wants to be defined by his own ‘utter candor.’”

“Former Representative Beto O’Rourke of Texas wasn’t so delicate. Was she telling the truth? I asked. “She failed to do that tonight, and she’s failed to do that in previous debates,” O’Rourke replied. ‘And I think on an issue as important as health care, and an issue as important as taxes on the middle class, this country deserves to hear the truth.’”

Associated Press: Warren, candidate with the answers, dodges tax hike question

“Elizabeth Warren is rising to the top of the Democratic pack with ambitious promises to reshape the political and economic system. But as she faces growing scrutiny, the Massachusetts senator is opening herself to criticism that she’s just another politician dodging the tough questions.

Wall Street Journal: Warren’s Middle-Class Tax Dodge

“All of this illuminates a problem with Ms. Warren’s agenda and her political character. On Medicare for All, everyone agrees that the cost will be at least $32 trillion over 10 years. Ms. Warren could impose her wealth tax, her higher taxes on capital gains, her higher income taxes on the affluent, and she still wouldn’t come close to paying for Medicare for All.”

“Spinning fables is a habit for Ms. Warren.”

Washington Post: On health care, Warren sounded like a student who hadn’t done her reading

The former professor sounded like a freshman who hadn’t done the reading. Warren ambled between heart-tugging anecdote and amiably unobjectionable generalities…She didn’t attempt to answer the question, except to insist that the only people who will pay for her new plan are the rich and big corporations. As real wonks know, that math doesn’t work.”