June 13, 2017

Elizabeth Warren Pretends Not To Notice The Raging Democratic Civil War

Since Hillary Clinton’s shocking loss, the Democratic Party has been convulsed by a destructive civil war. Yet if you listened to Senator Elizabeth Warren on David Axelrod’s podcast yesterday, you’d never know it. Warren actually denied that this intra-party conflict was going on, saying she “doesn’t see this as a civil war”:

Maybe Warren’s vision is getting cloudy because she doesn’t want to admit to Axelrod that she’s been one of the chief drivers of the Democratic Party’s lurch to the left:

“More than any other high-profile Democrat, the Massachusetts senator and liberal hero has gone out of her way to appear in Washington headlines nearly every day since Nov. 8. From a series of public appearances across town to letters from her Senate office to private Capitol Hill meetings with fellow elected officials, Warren is making clear that she intends to use her brand of no-holds-barred liberalism to illuminate the party’s path ahead while it embarks on a protracted period of soul-searching.”

Yet whatever Warren’s reasoning, the civil war between the far-left and the establishment is very real, and a massive issue for the Democratic Party. See below for a list of headlines that would get Warren up to speed quickly on the civil war that’s going on in the Democratic Party:

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