February 21, 2017

Facing A Liberal Primary Challenge, Nelson Cozies Up To DC Insider Chuck Schumer

Last week three prominent Florida liberals each confirmed that they were examining a primary challenge to Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL). Now in an interview published this morning, Senator Nelson has given those potential opponents an opportunity to show just how out of touch Nelson is with the grassroots of the Democratic Party. Speaking with Politico, Nelson touted his close ties to Chuck Schumer:

“‘You omitted the biggest factor,’ Nelson said when asked about the national dynamic. ‘Chuck Schumer.’ Nelson says that the New York Democrat, who as minority leader coordinates Senate Democratic campaigns, will be able to raise enough campaign cash to support the long list of seats that must be defended. During the 2016, Schumer raised nearly $180 million, but it was not enough to avoid picking winners and losers.”

Of all the comments Nelson could have made to demonstration that he’s out of touch, ones praising Chuck Schumer’s fundraising prowess are near the top. Schumer draws most of his fundraising connections, the same ones that Nelson is planning to rely so much on, from being the “favorite senator of Wall Street.”

For many liberals, Schumer’s fundraising habits are problematic:

“More than two dozen protesters have briefly occupied the Capitol Hill office of Sen. Charles Schumer, objecting to close ties to Wall Street by the man poised to lead Senate Democrats.”

Consequently, one of the primary reasons cited by Politicofor why Senator Nelson was vulnerable to a primary challenge was that after his long career in Washington, D.C., he has little appeal to the liberal elements currently taking over the Democratic Party

“Not only are Democrats worried that the 74-year-old Nelson might be out of step with the times, they fear the low-key centrist won’t be able to fire up progressives and grassroots activists…”

With Nelson’s latest comments, the primary campaign ads for any of these three challengers practically write themselves.