April 6, 2017

Four “Dangerous” Storm Clouds On Horizon For Young Ossoff

Notwithstanding his fundraising numbers, here are four problems facing young Jon Ossoff 12 days before votes are cast:

  1. Throughout the primary, Ossoff has battled carpetbagger accusations. Now it has been revealed that 95% of his campaign fundraising came from outside of Georgia.
  2. Ossoff’s campaign is also spending its campaign cash at an alarming rate. With a 75% burn rate, his campaign will be in major trouble after the primary.
  3. A new poll shows that only 1% of respondents picked Ossoff as their second choice. This means that in a runoff against one candidate, not 17, he’s going to have major difficulties getting to 50%.
  4. During yesterday’s debate, Ossoff couldn’t name a single time he’s stood up to the Democratic Party. Given the heavily Republican makeup of the district, plus Ossoff’s ties to Nancy Pelosi, this shows how out of touch Ossoff is with the district he hopes to represent.