January 10, 2017

Four Signs That Show Cory Booker Is Already Running For President

Senator Cory Booker has never shielded the fact that he’s an extremely ambitious politician. Yet with the 2016 presidential race just concluded disastrously for the Democrats, you’d think potential 2020 candidate would want a period of reflection before plunging back into presidential politics. Yet a look at Cory Booker’s moves in the last few weeks show that he’s already aggressively positioning himself for the presidential race three years from now:

  • Last week, Booker sat down with WMUR, a move that raised eyebrows with political reporters, as Booker is a Senator from New Jersey, not New Hampshire:

  • Also last week Booker moved from the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee to the prestigious Foreign Relations Committee in order to improve his foreign policy credentials.
  • This week, Booker, a longtime advocate of charter schools and education reform, has vocally criticized education reform advocate and Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos, even though he’s advocated for many of the education policies DeVos has vowed to implement. Booker even praised an education organization chaired by DeVos, showing that his criticism is nothing more than an attempt to get into the good graces of the teachers’ unions.
  • Finally, Booker will take the unprecedented step of testifying against a fellow sitting Senator up for a Cabinet post. Yet in the past Booker has offered fulsome praise of Senator Sessions.

At least no one ever accused Senator Booker of being subtle. Look out Des Moines, Cory Booker is headed your way.