June 6, 2017

Georgia Debate Preview: The Questions Jon Ossoff Hopes Don’t Come Up

The first debate in the Georgia-6 special election runoff is tonight. Given the race’s distinction as the most expensive House race of all-time, the spotlight will be bright for Jon Ossoff tonight. Yet as Ossoff showed during the first phase of the special election, debates only serve to highlight his many weaknesses as a candidate.

In that spirit, America Rising put together a helpful graphic on the topics Ossoff is going to have to duck and dodge tonight. See below for some background on the topics Ossoff will be plagued by tonight:

  • Ossoff has long claimed to be a “national security aide” Yet, the Washington Post showed that Ossoff’s statements about his experience were nothing but a “misleading” bit of “résumé puffery.” Furthermore, the Post added that Ossoff has “milked” the little experience he has to make him seem more qualified. Shockingly, Ossoff has still attempted to defend these debunked claims.
  • Ossoff was paid at least $5,000 by Al Jazeera. Yet while Ossoff has said he was “proud” of the work he’s done, he’s refused to outline exactly how much Al Jazeera has paid him.
  • Ossoff was embarrassed repeatedly during the first round of voting when he had no good answer to the questions about how he couldn’t vote for himself in the GA-6 special election.
  • In April, Ossoff’s campaign furthered the narrative that he was out of touch with Georgia voters when they admitted that 95% of his campaign funds came from donors outside of Georgia. Ossoff was also hurt when it was revealed that more people have donated to his campaign in the Bay Area than in Georgia.
  • Ossoff has also struggled to answer questions about the strong support Nancy Pelosi has given his campaign.
  • Ossoff’s lack of experience is highlighted by the hard time he’s had on the campaign trail. According to the New York Times’ Glenn Thrush, many Democrats have been disappointed by Ossoff’s performance as a candidate.
  • Under Obamacare, Georgia’s health insurance premiums have skyrocketed. Yet instead of supporting plans to fix Obamacare, Ossoff has said he would have voted for Obamacare.