December 5, 2017

Gillibrand’s “Two Gillibrands” Problem Is Not Going Away

Gillibrand’s “Two Gillibrands” Problem Is Not Going Away

Last week, America Rising PAC made the case that there were two Kirsten Gillibrands. There was a pre-Senate appointment Gillibrand and a post-Senate appointment Gillibrand. We also wrote that this will present countless headaches for her presidential ambitions.

Now, just five days later, our case is being bolstered. Speaking on Pod Save the People with DeRay Mckesson, Gillibrand was repeatedly pressed about her multiple immigration flip-flops:

Senator Gillibrand’s claims that she changed her positions because she learned more are not credible though. Even a cursory look at Senator Gillibrand’s record shows she only flip-flopped on her immigration positions because of political pressure:

“In 2009, two days before Gillibrand was sworn in to the Senate as Hillary Clinton’s successor, the 100-year-old Spanish-language newspaper, El Diario, splashed her picture across their cover with the headline: ‘Anti Inmigrante.’ The piece quoted Peter Rivera, an Assembly member and now New York’s commissioner of labor, as saying her ‘hard-line stance’ of opposing amnesty for undocumented immigrants ‘borders on xenophobia.’”

Senator Gillibrand’s flip-flops on sanctuary cities, drivers licenses for undocumented residents, and the DREAM Act were so swift that “Muzaffar Chishti of the Migration Policy Institute… told National Journal he was ‘extremely intrigued by how quickly she changed her stance.’” Senator Gillibrand might be popular with Democrats right now, but when the 2020 primaries begin, they’ll see she’s a massive flip-flopper.