June 22, 2017

Happy Birthday, Sen. Warren!

Today is Senator Elizabeth Warren’s birthday. Given America Rising’s strong focus on Warren’s political activities, we thought we’d get her something special for her birthday. Yet after hearing Warren say she would “like to cut [Republicans] open, we thought it prudent to just stick with what we’re doing which is to holding her accountable for her extreme leftist ideology.

After all, throughout this year America Rising has gotten Warren many “presents” in the form of bad headlines. In honor of Senator Warren’s birthday, see below for some of our favorites:

NH1: GOP group targets Elizabeth Warren using their 2016 playbook against Hillary Clinton

The Hill: Conservative group to target Warren book tour: report

Daily Caller: Conservative Group Announces Plan To ‘Make Life Difficult’ For Elizabeth Warren

Salon: The GOP effort to crush Elizabeth Warren ahead of 2020 has begun

Esquire: They’re Coming for Elizabeth Warren

Free Beacon: Elizabeth Warren Jokes About Wanting to ‘Cut Open’ Republican ‘Bodies’

BuzzFeed: Elizabeth Warren Said She Wants To Cut Open Republicans’ Bodies To See If They Have Hearts

Barstool: Elizabeth Warren Claims She Watched The Rock’s “Ballers” Instead Of Election Night Coverage. I Call Bullshit.