November 8, 2017

House Democrats Nervous About Nancy Pelosi’s Impact On Midterm Races

House Democrats Nervous About Nancy Pelosi’s Impact On Midterm Races

As if House Democrats needed more proof, this year showed them the negative impact Nancy Pelosi’s continued leadership could have on their electoral prospects. Especially in Georgia, Pelosi’s historic unpopularity was a major drag on Democrats in House Special Elections all year. With the midterm elections already drawing into focus, Democrats and independent experts agree that Pelosi’s negatives limit the extent of gains for Democrats:

“’Being a Democratic leader from San Francisco is a combination that Republicans love to hate,’ says Gonzalez. ‘The more Republican the district, the more likely they are to react to the prospect of Nancy Pelosi being in charge of Congress again.’ The potency of those attacks have continued the rumblings about the 77-year-old Pelosi’s future in the party.”

One group of Democrats that is particularly concerned with Pelosi’s unpopularity are Blue Dog Democrats. One such Democrat, Congressman Jim Costa (D-CA) has even told Pelosi herself that:

“California Democratic Rep. Jim Costa says being tied to Pelosi is a genuine political threat to for ‘Blue Dog’ moderates like him, something he’s told the leader, herself. The Merced Democrat has counseled a number of ‘Blue Dog’ Democratic challengers running in 2018, who may be harmed by association with Pelosi, that they need to “indicate their own independence.’”

Nancy Pelosi has long maintained that she’s an indispensable figure. Yet if House Democratic candidates continue their losing streak, which was extended last night, that could change very fast.