January 4, 2017

HYPOCRISY ALERT: Chuck Schumer Says Democrats Will “Absolutely” Obstruct SCOTUS Nominee

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has only been Democratic leader for one day, yet his media appearances show he’s already way out of his depth. Last year, in his capacity as head of the Democratic Policy and Communications Center, Schumer was one of the most vocal advocates for the need to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. Yet last night on MSNBC, Schumer announced that he would “absolutely” look to block a Supreme Court confirmation indefinitely:

The “hard line” Schumer is taking on the Supreme Court will be an interesting test, especially considering the unprecedented number of red-state Democrats up for re-election in 2018.

Schumer also stepped in it on CNN. Confirming that the Democratic Party is moving to the extreme left, Schumer told Dana Bash that his views “are exactly the same as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders”:

In two interviews, Schumer told voters everything they needed to know about Senate Democrats under his leadership. Schumer is ensuring that all Senate Democrats will be tarred by the out of the mainstream position of extremists like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.