November 3, 2017

ICYMI: Brazile and Warren Pour Gasoline on DNC Dumpster Fire

ICYMI: Brazile and Warren Pour Gasoline on DNC Dumpster Fire

The Democratic Party can’t get out of its own way. The latest conflagration came from Donna Brazile’s exposé detailing how Hillary Clinton captured the DNC long before she was the Party’s nominee. All day yesterday, Democrats were forced to respond to questions that re-litigated the 2016 primary:

“Many Democrats expressed outrage Thursday at allegations from a former party chairwoman that an agreement with the Democratic National Committee gave the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton some day-to-day control over the party early in the 2016 campaign.”

Unfortunately for Democrats, Senator Elizabeth Warren made matters significantly worse. Speaking on CNN, Warren agreed that the DNC was “rigged,” adding significant “fuel to the controversy” generated by Brazile’s claims:

“Senator Elizabeth Warren added fuel to the controversy over Donna Brazile’s claim on Thursday that the Democratic National Committee operated in an “unethical” manner by striking a deal with Hillary Clinton in August 2015, long before she was the party’s official nominee. In a pair of interviews, the Massachusetts senator said the primary was ‘rigged’ in favor of Clinton — the candidate she herself endorsed over Senator Bernie Sanders.”

Former Bernie Sanders’ campaign aides were quick to jump on the multiple revelations in Brazile’s article, with Jeff Weaver saying that the DNC’s actions were “egregious” and “undemocratic.” See below for a collection of headlines that show why this story is a massive, ongoing problem for the Democratic Party:

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