In the Democrat Debate, Expect an Embrace of Far-Left, Socialist Policies

In the Democrat Debate, Expect an Embrace of Far-Left, Socialist Policies

The third Democrat debate brings opportunity for all of the candidates — who will take it?

September 12, 2019
In the Democrat Debate, Expect an Embrace of Far-Left, Socialist Policies

Tonight’s debate is the first time that all of the noteworthy Presidential candidates will be on one stage at the same time. The opportunity is there for a couple of candidates to have a breakout moment and show they actually want to win the primary.

One thing that has united each of the candidates is their embrace of far-left, socialist policies. What was once radical in 2016 is now the toast of the field and the standard that each candidate must embrace. Expect more talk from the candidates about free college, free healthcare for illegal immigrants, throwing people off employer-based health care coverage, open borders, and tax hikes on the middle class.

Here’s what America Rising will be watching for from the top tier.

Expect Elizabeth Warren to receive increased scrutiny – and perhaps even direct attacks – as she continues to gain ground on Biden. Her opponents certainly have a lot to work with:

  • CNN reported on Warren’s ideological “evolution” from regulation critic to Wall Street watchdog, touching on her previous life as an academic articulating a “conservative worldview.”
  • The New York Times revealed that before taking her pledge to skip high-dollar donor events during the primary, she built up a war chest largely filled with dollars from big-time donors, including defense contractors and corporate executives.
  • Warren is also being pressured to explain how she’ll pay for several massive new government programs, with some of her fellow Democrats even calling her a “fraud.”

After months of misstatements and gaffes, we’re keeping a close eye on Joe Biden to continue that streak:

  • The Washington Post exposed Biden for fabricating a harrowing war story by misstating times, locations, and mixing key details from multiple incidents.
  • Biden often pitches himself as a tough voice on Russia, but a Washington Free Beacon report revealed that he offered Vladimir Putin a deal ahead of the Iraq War which would provide oil profits to the cash-strapped nation.
  • WATCH: A day after Joe Biden promised he would stop praising segregationist, he praised a segregationist as a “great, great friend.

Rumors are Kamala Harris big-money donors are looking to jump ship as she has gone through a “Summer Slump.” We have our doubts she can recover, but here’s what we’ll be watching for from her in the most important debate for her so far: 

Bernie Sanders has been stuck in neutral as Elizabeth Warren has co-opted his ideas to bypass him in the polls. If Sanders doesn’t regain control of his brand, he’ll be left behind just like in 2016. Here’s what we’re watching for tonight:

  • Will Bernie continue to backslide on Medicare for All and bow to the unions who he will desperately need as the primary continues?
    • “Sen. Bernie Sanders is making changes to his signature policy proposal, “Medicare-for-all,” in order to address union concerns that a shift to single-payer health care could force members to give up hard-fought insurance plans for nothing in return.”
  • Can Bernie halt the rise of Elizabeth Warren and at the same time boost the general election voters’ perceptions of him before he’s saddled with the ‘unelectable’ label?
    • NPR: “But it’s a different story with the broader electorate: 55% of voters say they have an unfavorable impression of Sanders, while just 38% have a positive one.”
  • Will Bernie alter his strategy from simply airing grievances to making a compelling case to elect him as President?
    • Washington Post: “Bernie Sanders’s supporters find anger not as compelling this time around”