July 24, 2017

Joe Donnelly Continues To Shirk Responsibility For Outsourcing Scandal

Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) continues to show no appreciation for the political fallout that’s come from his outsourcing scandal. For years Donnelly profited to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars from his family business’ practice of sending jobs to Mexico, all the while claiming to be an opponent of outsourcing.

Yet if you listened to him on CBS-Indianapolis this weekend, you’d never know that Donnelly’s outsourcing profits completely exposed him as an outsourcing hypocrite. During the interview, Donnelly even had the gall to claim he had no clue what his family business was doing:

Senator Donnelly’s attempt to dodge responsibility by claiming that he had no clue that his family business was sending jobs to Mexico strains all credulity. After all, it’s been reported that until the scandal broke, it was right there on the company website.

Donnelly’s hypocrisy has also led to condemnation from home state newspapers. This weekend, Herald Bulletin editorial blasted Donnelly’s failure to take responsibility for his actions:

“While Donnelly says he hasn’t had an active role in the company in two decades, it’s still his responsibility as a statesman not to hold interests in a company that profits from practices that he castigates. We’ve come to expect better from Sen. Donnelly.”

It’s been 11 days since Indiana voters learned that Senator Donnelly’s outsourcing criticism was all talk. With the scandal showing no sign of letting up, Donnelly’s credibility is headed to all-time lows.