October 13, 2017

John Adams: Mark Herring Fails Virginia When He Puts His Liberal Policies Over The Law

The most important duties of the Attorney General of Virginia are to protect, defend, and enforce Virginia’s laws. Time and again, Virginia’s current Attorney General Mark Herring (D-VA) has failed at these solemn responsibilities. In reaction to Herring’s frequent failures, Republican John Adams has pledged to Virginia voters that, if elected, he will “defend the state’s existing laws, no matter what his personal beliefs,” unlike Herring:

“Adams insists he would defend the state’s existing laws, no matter what his personal beliefs. ‘At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter — it shouldn’t matter — whether Mark Herring has a certain opinion, or I have certain opinions. You’re the lawyer for Virginia. It’s what Virginia’s law is that you’re supposed to defend,’ he told The Associated Press in a recent interview.”

As the Associated Press points out, Herring’s record as attorney general includes examples where he’s unilaterally decided to ignore Virginia’s laws to further his own partisan, liberal agenda:

“He also blasts Herring for filing briefs in court opposing ‘right to work’ laws that say employees cannot be forced to pay union dues as a condition of employment. Virginia has a right to work law.”

Virginia needs an attorney general who will enforce the law, not try to make it. Herring’s willingness to put his own liberal politics above the needs of the Commonwealth is exactly the reason Virginia needs a new attorney general this November.