October 9, 2017

John Adams Snags Major Endorsement

A strong relationship with law enforcement is vital to the success of any Attorney General. In enthusiastically endorsing Republican challenger John Adams, the Virginia Fraternal Order of Police has made a clear statement about the candidate they feel is best suited to manage this all-important relationship.

In their statement announcing their support, the Virginia Fraternal Order of Police specifically touted how important Adams’ past experience as a federal prosecutor will be in fixing the many public safety issues Virginia is facing currently under Attorney General Mark Herring’s watch:

“Virginia is seeing a rapid rise in violent crime, as well as a heroin and opioid crisis that continues to get worse,” said Adams. “As a federal prosecutor, I worked in the trenches with local, state, and federal law enforcement to make our communities safer and reduce gang violence. As attorney general, public safety will be my top priority. Virginia’s public safety issues require an attorney general who will get serious about these issues and work in partnership with law enforcement to provide the leadership and resources needed to keep our communities safe. I am honored to receive the support of the Fraternal Order of Police, and look forward to working closely with their members.”

The Virginia Fraternal Order of Police’s endorsement is just the latest significant endorsement from the Virginia law enforcement community to come Adams’ way. He’s also received the backing of 48 Virginia sheriffs, as well as the Virginia Police Benevolent Association, who said that Adams would “take public safety seriously and be a steadfast partner with our members.”

Adams’ impressive law enforcement bona fides are matched only by the significant support he’s received from the business community. In August, Adams was endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business because he’ll be a fighter in the effort to lift the burden Democrats have placed on the backs of small businesses these last four years:

“John Adams’ career as a lawyer representing small-business owners has given him a unique understanding of the challenges employers face,” Riley said. “He’s committed to using his powers to review burdensome regulations that tie the hands of small-business owners and to oppose any efforts to undermine Virginia’s status as a right-to-work state.

When you add to these endorsements the support the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC has given him, it quickly becomes clear that Adams enjoys an impressive roster of endorsements from some of the Commonwealth’s most important industries.