April 21, 2017

John Bel Edwards Bows To Reality On His Ill-Advised Tax Hike Plan

No one likes Governor John Bel Edwards’ tax hike plan. Republicans hate it, Democrats are down on it, and experts think it’ll harm the economy. Now apparently even Governor Edwards has admitted that he made a massive error with his “controversial Commercial Activities Tax.”

Speaking with reporters today, Edwards disclosed that his private conversations with lawmakers reflect the public bashing his plan has received:

“‘I wouldn’t say that the conversations I’m having are terribly different than what you’re having,’ Edwards told reporters on Friday when asked if he had any reason to believe his tax plan could garner support. In recent weeks local media has reported that Edwards has an uphill battle to pass a key element of his budget stabilization plan, a tax on corporate sales projected to raise about $400 million. Several legislators have suggested that the bill has no chance of passing.”

Edwards is way in over his head, and with these latest comments, it appears even he knows it.