July 13, 2017

John Bel Edwards’ Economic Record Slammed By CNBC Report

Governor John Bel Edwards’ disastrous tenure as governor has had real consequences for the people of Louisiana. Edwards’ tax and spend liberalism combined with his sheer incompetence has had a painful impact on the state’s economy.

Today, CNBC released its yearly list of the best states for business. The results were not pretty for Edwards. If this served were a report card on Governor Edwards, he’d have gotten an F:

  • Overall, Louisiana ranked 44th.
  • Louisiana ranked 49th on their economy.
  • The state ranked 49th also on quality of life.
  • The Pelican State ranked 48th on education.

CNBC neatly summed up Edwards’ awful performance by saying that on “metric after metric, Louisiana finishes near the bottom.” This report serves as a clear repudiation of Governor Edwards’ leadership. Louisiana deserves better.