February 27, 2017

John Bel Edwards’ Rome Trip Spotlights His Spending Hypocrisy

The problem for a politician who wins an election is that once you take office the public expects you to act consistently with what you said before you won. The need to practice what you once preached is one that Governor John Bel Edwards (D-LA) is now struggling with.

Before Edwards became governor he voted for an amendment that would force the governor’s office to pay any expenses accrued for the governor’s protection out of state. Furthermore, Edwards attacked Jindal for what he called his “frequent out-of-state trips.”

Yet now that Edwards is governor, he has no problem with his protection expenses being covered by the State Police. During a recent trip to Rome the State Police had to pay almost $15,000 because of Edwards’ trip to Italy:

“The tally for those trooper costs, released Friday (Feb. 25) to The Associated Press in response to a public records request, was almost $15,000. The biggest charge was almost $8,600 for overtime. Flights and transportation cost $3,000, meals and lodging charges about $1,700 each.”

Edwards refuses to honor the same standard he once called Governor Jindal to act by. Louisiana voters can clearly see the hypocrisy of his actions.