March 20, 2017

Jon Ossoff Clearly Isn’t A Small Business Owner

Pick any claim that the 30-year-old Jon Ossoff has made and chances are he’s exaggerated it. That’s what happens when you run for Congress before you’ve done anything.

Yesterday at a meet and greet, Ossoff was asked about the high taxes that small businesses pay. In embarrassing fashion, Ossoff dodged the question, even admitting it was a topic he needed to do “little bit of more research about”:

This embarrassing stumble flies in the face of his campaign talking point about being a small business owner with hands-on experience:

“I’m a small business owner. I’ve made payroll every month and balanced the budget every year at my company.”

So Ossoff claimed that he made payroll and balanced his small business’ budget, but has no clue about the taxes he paid. That strains credulity. Either Ossoff has clearly inflated his small business experience to better his political prospects, or, as a fellow Democrat pointed out, he just doesn’t understand the issues facing American business owners. Either way, Ossoff is a fraud, and the more time he spends campaigning, the clearer that becomes.