April 25, 2017

Jon Ossoff Comes From A Family Of Tax Evaders

At 30 years of age, Jon Ossoff is wealthier than most voters will ever be. His personal net worth of at least $1.7 million is joined by his family’s net worth that is much higher. In fact, according to The Dunwoody Crier, Ossoff’s family’s net worth is enhanced by the fact that they do everything possible to avoid paying Georgia taxes on their private plane:

“His family has a yacht and a Cessna, the latter purchased through a limited liability company using a relative’s address in New Hampshire, one of a handful of states that don’t charge sales taxes on airplane purchases. In Georgia it would have been a taxable event.”

If avoiding tax avoidance on a private plane wasn’t bad enough politically, Ossoff’s family also avoids paying taxes on their “multiple yachts” and other assets using undisclosed LLCs:

“One publication shows his family with multiple yachts. If Gov. Nathan Deal signs a bill passed this year, the family could have its boats repaired in Savannah. Ossoff researchers in Washington point to a family that uses multiple LLCs in many states to avoid taxes and shield personal assets.”

Earlier in April, Ossoff released a TV ad in which he spoke of “respecting your tax dollars.” This is just the latest example of Ossoff’s do what I say, not what I do campaign.