May 18, 2017

Jon Ossoff Doesn’t Know What’s In His Own Government Waste Plan

Throughout the campaign, Jon Ossoff has been exposed for exaggerating his resume and qualifications, all to hide the fact his actual experiences is in no way equal to what voters expect from a member of Congress. Ossoff’s inexperience is especially exposed when he’s pressed to expound on policy beyond the pabulum he usually offers on the stump.

Yesterday presented Georiga-6 voters with a perfect example of Ossoff’s lack of policy understanding, and exposed the fact that while Ossoff has spent months campaign on a plan to cut government waste, he’s just pretending to know what he’s talking about on the subject, or even what’s in the plan.

Speaking on WABE, Denis O’Hayer pressed Ossoff to talk about a federal government audit that found billions of dollars in waste in Medicaid. Embarrassingly, Ossoff had to admit that he had no knowledge of that government waste audit, and wouldn’t even say if he supported the cuts:

DENIS O’HAYER: “Would you favor cutting the funding for some of those demonstration programs, even if it meant cutting the overall Medicaid budget?” JON OSSOFF: “Well I haven’t seen that specific study, but the GAO, the Government Accountability Office and the Congressional Budget Office, both identify huge amounts of waste, duplicative spending, improper payments, throughout the federal budget every year.”

Ossoff is a candidate use to being humiliated, but what makes this answer so pathetic, is that Ossoff’s own government waste plan specifically mentions the cuts to Medicaid he was asked about. If Ossoff had read his own government waste plan, let alone actually written the thing, he’d have been able to give an easy answer to O’Hayer’s question.

In these critical times, Georgia voters can see Ossoff isn’t up to the challenges facing a new member of Congress. No amount of money from the DC Democratic establishment or field staffers from the DNC, can cover that up.