March 29, 2017

Jon Ossoff Follows Playbook From Hillary Clinton School Of Lying

During a Georgia-6 candidate forum this afternoon, Jon Ossoff continued to lie to voters about his experience as a Congressional staffer. Ossoff’s opening statement repeated his discredited claim that he was a national security staffer in Congress for five years:

In a timeline of Ossoff’s career released from his campaign yesterday, it was revealed that Ossoff only worked on national security issues, with top secret clearance, for five months:

“After claiming for months he had five years of experience as a congressional national security staffer with top-secret clearance, Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff has now admitted that he had clearance for just five months.”

Ossoff’s casual disregard for the truth disqualifies him from serving in Congress. Georgia voters will vote for a candidate with actual experience, not someone who needs to make it up.