March 22, 2017

Jon Ossoff Keeps Embarrassing Himself On The Campaign Trail

Millennials are often accused of not knowing very much and associating themselves with all sorts of embarrassing people. On both measures, Jon Ossoff is doing his best to live up to the stereotype.

First, the Washington Free Beacon reported yesterday that Ossoff has been paid over $5,000 by Al Jazeera in the last year. Ossoff’s Al Jazeera is especially concerning because the network is viewed as “mouthpiece for terrorists”:

“Al Jazeera is widely viewed as a propaganda outlet for the Emir of Qatar, who bankrolls the outlet and also provides funding to terrorist organizations such as Hamas, al Qaeda, and ISIS. The network was criticized as a ‘mouthpiece for terrorists‘ after it ended up with ‘exclusive’ Osama bin Laden videos after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States.”

Ossoff has also displayed a stunning lack of basic facts for someone running for Congress. Last night, he was interviewed by a Democratic activist on Facebook Live. Yet even with a sympathetic questioner, Ossoff repeatedly dodged questions and offered no specifics.

First, Ossoff refused to name any specific gun control policies he would support in Congress:

Likewise, on Obamacare, Ossoff couldn’t explain what he’d change about the failed law:

Finally, Ossoff could not clearly answer a question about the scope of U.S. military presence around the world:

While National Democrats continue their all-in approach to electing Ossoff, he continues to show he isn’t qualified to be in Congress.