June 13, 2017

Jon Ossoff Still On Defensive Over His Resume Lies

With one week left in the Georgia special election. Jon Ossoff’s campaign has never been able to explain away his resume lies. As Congressional Leadership Fund’s new ad shows, Ossoff’s “national security exaggerations” are still a “ripe target” on the airwaves as the race enters its final weeks:

“At just 30 years old, Ossoff has made for a ripe target. He began the campaign touting his high-level national security clearance — though he has backed off his emphasis on the clearance after reports that he only held it for five months before leaving Rep. Hank Johnson’s staff. It’s led to endless attacks from Republicans who accuse Ossoff of inflating his resume.”

Since the Washington Post exposed Ossoff’s resume claims as “misleading,” he’s been on the defensive over this critical issue:

“Democrat Jon Ossoff’s latest television ad has all the hallmarks of a politician put on his heels by his opponents’ attacks on his national security bona fides. The ad features Ossoff talking straight into the camera. And instead of his own message, he is responding to one that a Republican super PAC spent millions to put on the air in Atlanta. ‘Let’s put this to rest once and for all,’ Ossoff says as the 30-second spot begins.”

Ossoff spent months lying to Georgia voters about his experience. His feeble attempts to explain that away show he’s still worried about the potency of this issue.