April 23, 2018

Kamala Quickly Flip Flops On Corporate Contributions

Kamala Quickly Flip Flops On Corporate Contributions

Just over two weeks ago, Senator Kamala Harris was widely panned for not pledging to refuse corporate contributions putting her to the right of fellow 2020 hopefuls – Senators Gillibrand, Booker, Warren, and Sanders. At a town hall in Sacramento on April 5, she was asked whether or not she would refuse corporate campaign contributions. Her answer? “It depends.”

CNN: “The conservative America Rising PAC quickly blasted out video and a transcript of the exchange and Harris’ subsequent remarks, which then appeared across GOP-friendly media on Friday morning and are beginning to pop up in the Twitter feeds of already skeptical progressives.”

Washington Examiner: Kamala Harris doesn’t seem to mind bucking the base on corporate contributions

This morning, Senator Harris reversed course to keep the progressive base happy:

CHARLAMAGNE: “I saw you talking about corporate donations. And you said it depends whether you would take them or not.”

HARRIS: “You know, I was asked – I did a town hall a couple weeks ago in California and I was asked that question. And I wasn’t expecting the question and I thought about it afterwards. And I’m gonna tell you Charlamagne. I actually, I think that money has had such an outside influence on politics, and especially with the Supreme Court – it determining Citizens United, which basically means that big corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money influencing a campaign, right? We’re all supposed to have an equal vote. But money has now really tipped the balance between an individual having equal power in an election to a corporation. So I’ve actually made a decision since I had that conversation that I’m not gonna accept corporate PAC checks.”


HARRIS: “I’m just, I’m not.”