October 31, 2018

KS-03: Sharice Davids Flip Flops On Abolishing ICE

Last night, Democrat Sharice Davids (KS-03) said in a debate that she does not support abolishing ICE, claiming her position is clear. However, Davids’ position was the complete opposite while she was running in a competitive primary earlier this year.

In an interview with the Millennial Politics podcast in July 2018, Davids said in response to a question about whether she would support abolishing ICE, “I do, I would, I would – well, you asked me about defunding, which is essentially the same thing, you know?” The host of the podcast told The Washington Post she came away from the interview believing Davids would support abolishing ICE. After Davids first tried to say she does not support abolishing ICE, The Associated Press that showed she did say “she favors ending ICE.”

Davids owes the people of Kansas an honest answer about what she truly believes in.