January 30, 2017

Liberal Activists Starting To Talk About Challenging Democratic Senators

On Friday, America Rising highlighted the fact that Democratic politicians are at risk of being left behind by their own party. After this past weekend’s events, that risk has increased greatly. This morning, the New York Times published a story looking at how Congressional Democrats are scrambling to match the anger of their grassroots:

“But the fury is also spurring liberal voters to demand uncompromising confrontation and resistance from their elected officials to a president they believe poses an existential threat to the country. The Democrats’ increasingly assertive base wants the party’s leaders to eschew any cooperation with Mr. Trump: They are already expressing rage at some senators for confirming the president’s cabinet appointees, and for their willingness to allow a vote on his pick for a vacant Supreme Court seat.”

The “fury” of the liberal base has some even talking about primary challenges for the more moderate Senators:

“’The Tea Party didn’t really become a force until it started ousting Republicans it didn’t feel represented them. That’s clearly going to have to happen here,” said Markos Moulitsas, the progressive activist who founded the Daily Kos website. ‘Democrats either need to feed, nurture and aggressively champion the resistance, or they need to get out of the way in favor of someone who will. The usual rules no longer apply.’”

Considering that Democrats are defending incumbent Senators in ten red states in 2018, there are plenty of opportunities for primaries. One Senator already feeling the heat is new Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer. In the job for less than a month, and already Schumer is being faulted for being too accommodating to Republicans:

“Enraged that the Senate Minority Leader has voted in favor of several cabinet nominees, a coalition of political, environmental and anti-poverty organizations led by the Working Families Party plan to protest near Schumer’s Park Slope home and in front of his Peekskill office this week. ‘The Democratic base wants full-on resistance to everything this president does,’ said New York Communities for Change director Jonathan Westin. ‘Trump is not negotiating on any of his positions; he’s going full steam ahead. We should take the stance we’re not going to collaborate on anything.’”

The Democratic Party is out of power to an extent not seen since the 1920s. Yet if leftist activists have their way, the Democratic Party is going to double down on the extreme policies that got them there in the first place.