Long-time Joe Biden Confidant, Union Boss Accused of Financial Corruption

Long-time Joe Biden Confidant, Union Boss Accused of Financial Corruption

Close ally of Biden accused of financial misdeeds, including misuse of union resources for personal expenses.

June 25, 2020
Long-time Joe Biden Confidant, Union Boss Accused of Financial Corruption

Harold Schaitberger, a close confidant and someone who has claimed he’d “have a backdoor key to the White House” in a Joe Biden administration, has been accused of “financial mismanagement, improper pension payouts and misuse of union resources for personal expenses.” In fact, the two are so close that Schaitberger has suggested a VP pick to Biden. 

Wall Street Journal: “Mr. Schaitberger has told colleagues his role in politics—and his ties to Mr. Biden—are crucial to the union’s mission, union officials say. Earlier this spring, he told New York magazine he had privately suggested a choice for a running mate to Mr. Biden. During a videoconference with board members on Tuesday he said that if Mr. Biden wins, ‘we will have a key to the back door of the White House.’”

Schaitberger has been a political ally of Biden for years and the Firefighters Union, which Schaitberger has led for decades, was an early backer of the former Vice President’s campaign. 

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Schaitberger is “accused by the union’s treasurer of prematurely collecting well over $1 million in payments from a union pension fund while still working at the union.” Schaitberger is also accused of not paying $1 million in taxes that he owes as a result of $3 million in deferred compensation. 

The accusations of misconduct don’t stop there. 

Wall Street Journal: “Mr. Schaitberger also faces scrutiny from current and former union officials for charging the union for thousands of dollars in steak dinners, bar tabs and music downloads, according to tax filings and current and former members of its Washington staff.”

Soon after Biden launched his campaign, Schaitberger donated the maximum allowed amount for the primary election.

The allegations add to the large circle of political allies and family members around Joe Biden that have been accused of corruption and financial misdeeds. If Joe Biden ever leaves his basement, he should be asked about the allegations against one of his closest and most important political allies.