May 31, 2017

McClatchy: Elizabeth Warren Initiative Dusts Off Anti-Clinton Strategy

In 2017, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has become an increasingly active presence on the national political stage. Every step of the way though the Elizabeth Warren Initiative has been there to hold her accountable. McClatchy highlighted those efforts in a new story about the various Republican efforts against Warren:

“Already, one national Republican group has begun a comprehensive effort to track Warren’s every public appearance and add to a dossier of unflattering research on her. Other GOP officials predict that even in deep-blue Massachusetts, the senator’s opponents could raise gobs of money from conservatives nationwide and even benefit from the attention of Trump.”

As America Rising PAC’s Executive Director Colin Reed told McClatchy, America Rising’s Elizabeth Warren Initiative is patterned after the successful effort to unrelentingly hold Hillary Clinton accountable:

“’We learned from our experience with Secretary (Hillary) Clinton that when you start earlier, the narratives have more time to sink in and resonate with the electorate,’ said Colin Reed, executive director at the Republican outside group America Rising. Reed’s group launched an effort in April to catalog and promote Warren’s mistakes, announcing that it would try to defeat the senator during next year’s race while also trying to ‘continue developing the long-term research and communications angles to damage her 2020 prospects.’”

McClatchy also noted that while Massachusetts is thought of as a Democratic stronghold, Governor Charlie Baker (R-MA) has a higher approval rating than the divisive Warren. This shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise though. Voters expect their elected officials to prioritize their state’s needs and concerns above all else. Warren has failed at this task. As the Massachusetts Senator attempts to juggle a 2018 Senate bid and budding 2020 presidential campaign at the same time, this danger will only become more acute.