March 16, 2017

Meet Richard Painter, Discredited CREW’s New Hatchetman

Desperate for relevance, the David Brock-affiliated Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) recently announced Richard Painter as its second-in-command. Although Painter calls himself a “moderate Republican” and touts his work in the Bush Administration, his affiliation with CREW robs him of any veneer of non-partisanship.

Consider CREW’s transparently left-wing track record in recent years with “Right Wing Hitman” Brock at its helm:

·      Brock operated CREW “in close coordination” with his other groups and was criticized for making the organization hyper-partisan;

·      CREW is funded by liberal mega-donors affiliated with George Soros and Peter Lewis;

·      According to an American Rising analysis, CREW’s legal filings and lawsuits targeting Republicans more than doubled under Brock, from 45 percent to 91 percent.

So dismal was Brock’s tenure as head of CREW that the organization tried to suggest he was reducing his role in January. But as the Washington Free Beacon reported in a confidential memo they obtained mapping out how to “kick Donald Trump’s ass,” CREW remains firmly under Brock’s umbrella of influence.

As for Painter, he has already begun earning his left-wing bona fides by filing a complaint against the FBI last October in order to boost Hillary Clinton’s campaign – mere days before Election Day.