March 6, 2017

Meet Rob Quist: The Bernie-Loving Liberal Out Of Touch With Montana Values

This weekend the Montana Democratic Party nominated Rob Quist to run for the open at-large Congressional seat. In doing so they selected as their standard-bearer a candidate who could not be more out of touch with Montana than Quist. As a new ad by the Congressional Leadership Fund shows, Quist is an opponent of sensible health care plans, increased military spending, and low taxes, all positions devastating in an R+17 district.

See below for more details on why Quist is hopelessly out of touch with Montana voters:

  • Rob Quist has said that the federal government should drastically cut military spending.
  • Quist has called for new gun control regulations mandating that people “register guns.”
  • Quist is a supporter of a single-payer health care system.
  • Quist was a big supporter of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, even going so far as to donate monthly to the effort.
  • Quist supported the radical Occupy Wall Street movement.