April 14, 2017

More Bad Poll Numbers For Elizabeth Warren

While Elizabeth Warren took a cautious approach to the 2016 presidential race, her actions recently show she’ll likely throw her hat into the ring in 2020. A critical aspect for any presidential candidate is the ability to grow their base and appeal to new voters.

Yet a new WBUR Poll shows that Warren will have significant problems appealing to any voters that aren’t Harvard faculty members or Occupy Wall Street protesters. In a poll of Central Massachusetts, WBUR found that independents only have a 33% favorable rating of Warren, while 54% of Central Massachusetts independents have an unfavorable view of Warren. By contrast, Massachusetts’ Republican Governor Charlie Baker has a strong 63% approval rating among those same voters.

This latest poll is part of a troubling trend of bad poll numbers for Warren. Earlier this week Morning Consult found that Warren was the second most unpopular Democrat in their home state. Back in January Warren had to deal with the numbers that showed only 44% of Massachusetts voters said she deserved to be re-elected in 2018.

When you look at these numbers together, the picture is clear. Warren is an unpopular and divisive figure.