March 21, 2017

New Poll Shows Extent Of Democratic Leadership Crisis

A new Harvard-Harris poll should make any Democrat nervous. While its been obvious since Election Day that the Democratic Party is now leaderless, the depth of their problem was not fully known until now. This new poll shows that a whopping 40% of Democrats say there is no Democratic leader:

“The Democratic Party has a leadership vacuum at the top, with many registered voters eager to see someone who is not currently on the scene become the party’s standard-bearer in 2020, according to a new Harvard-Harris Poll survey provided exclusively to The Hill. When registered voters were asked whom they view as the leader of the Democratic Party, 40 percent said it has no leader.”

Perhaps even more worrying is the fact that the highest individual named was former President Barack Obama because to paraphrase a Rick Pitino, Barack Obama isn’t walking through that door.

Among non-retired politicians the two most popular Democrats are liberal heroes Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Sanders and Warren’s high numbers highlight another critical problem: extremists are winning the Democratic civil war. That sentiment is becoming widespread, as nearly half – 46 percent – of respondents said that the Democratic Party is “becoming more liberal.”