June 28, 2017

New York Commuters’ Anger Turns To Cuomo

Last week, Politico reported on how Governor Andrew Cuomo’s national focus had led to a raft of unfinished business in Albany. This week has brought more stories about how Governor Cuomo’s inattentiveness to the needs of New Yorkers is having real consequences.

Governor Cuomo controls appointments to the Metro Transit Authority, and Cuomo’s neglect of New York City’s transit needs has had significant costs for both commuters and Cuomo’s political fortunes:

“The coming summer of hell for commuters could morph into an election year train wreck for Gov. Cuomo in 2018 if things don’t improve, insiders warn.”

Critically, the New York Daily News writes that the voters impacted by the recent transit troubles are the same voters who led to his re-election in 2014:

“The city and suburban voters who fueled his 2014 reelection victory are exactly the ones being impacted by the subway and commuter rail problems. While he said he can’t comment on the potential electoral impact of the transit crisis, Riders Alliance Executive Director John Raskin said that ‘commuter rail and subway riders are holding Gov. Cuomo directly accountable for the success or failure of our transit system and so far there’s been a lot more failure than success.’”

Voters are holding Governor Cuomo responsible for the “summer of hell for commuters.” If Governor Cuomo isn’t careful he’ll be handing a major campaign issue to his opponents as we approach his re-election campaign. As voters continue to see Cuomo as someone who doesn’t put their needs first, they might deprive him of a platform to run on after November 2018.