CNN: Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris crossed the base. What will it cost them?

On consecutive nights last week, in two cities more than 2,000 miles apart, a pair of the Democratic Party’s best bets to oust President Donald Trump in 2020 created headlines that could stalk them for the next two years.

To call their comments gaffes or blunders misses the point. Both spoke candidly, delivering messages true to their respective politics. But with a feisty and crowded presidential primary already beginning to take shape, potential candidates, especially the would-be front-runners, are coming under heightened early scrutiny. When weaknesses — real or perceived — show up, people notice.
Republicans know it, too. The conservative America Rising PAC quickly blasted out video and a transcript of the exchange and Harris’ subsequent remarks, which then appeared across GOP-friendly media on Friday morning and are beginning to pop up in the Twitter feeds of already skeptical progressives.
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