Free Beacon: Top GOP Research Firm ‘Ready to Examine’ Oprah

A top Republican opposition research firm responded to buzz over Oprah Winfrey’s 2020 presidential prospects by saying it is prepared to examine her just as it would any other potential Democratic candidate.

“America Rising is already anticipating an expansive Democratic field in 2020, and should Oprah Winfrey decide to join the primary, we stand ready to examine her extensive public record and business empire as we would any other candidate,” said Alex Smith, the group’s executive director.

The talk about Winfrey running for president in 2020 began following a speech she delivered at the Golden Globes that has dominated the news cycle for the past two days. CNN’s Van Jones declared her the “queen of the universe” and “most beloved carbon-based life form on earth,” who would “destroy anyone in front of her” if she ran. Elsewhere on CNN Chris Cillizza said he could “close his eyes” and envision Winfrey delivering her speech to voters in Iowa.

There has been little indication that Winfrey will actually run for office. NBC, which tweeted out a now-deleted presidential endorsement for Winfrey during her Sunday speech, reported late Monday that Winfrey was telling friends she has “no intention of running.”

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