GOP shifting gen-elex oppo efforts to Sanders?

Are conservatives beginning to feel the Bern, too? Indeed they are, but not in the way that progressive populists have in flocking to Bernie Sanders’ banner. Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski reports that a key GOP oppo-research group has begun catching up to Sanders’ track record with a flurry of FOIA requests this week, targeting Sanders’ e-mail and other correspondence:

America Rising assigned itself a fairly broad mandate in federal elections when launched in early 2013. Their efforts contributed to a big win for Republicans in the 2014 midterms by generating plenty of material for attack advertising and criticism of Democratic candidates. It’s fair to say that since that cycle, AR’s focus has been more on the presidential campaign, and in that almost entirely on Hillary Clinton. A quick look at their YouTube channel shows that while they have occasionally highlighted other Democrats, the vast majority of their work has taken aim at Hillary.

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