NBC NEWS: This Is How Republicans Will Attack Clinton’s VP Pick

With Hillary Clinton likely just a week away or so away from announcing her vice presidential pick, Republicans are making their own preparations, hoping to tarnish Clinton’s choice as soon as she makes it.

America Rising, the GOP opposition research super PAC, has already developed research books on Clinton’s potential ticket-mates, and gave NBC News a look at their plan of attack. The group created a website detailing what they believe are the five top lines of attack on each potential running mate.

“The minute Secretary Clinton announces her running mate there will be a feeding frenzy for information about that individual,” said the group’s spokesperson, Jeff Bechdel. “We created Clinton Veepstakes as a resource to immediately begin driving negative news narratives against the nominee.”

Releasing the site could help Clinton’s campaign prepare their defenses, but it will also help Republicans get negative information and storylines included in early news stories about Clinton’s eventual running mate. Clinton’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

This article is excerpted from NBC News. Click here to read the full article online.