USA TODAY: Democrats court donors at Philadelphia political convention

The Democrats’ presidential nominee, their platform and speakers at this week’s national political convention all proclaim the need to curb the influence of a wealthy few in elections.

Tuesday’s event also demonstrated that Democrats aren’t the only ones using the swirl of convention parties to plot for the fall election.

A camera-toting tracker tied to a Republican opposition group, America Rising Squared, filmed Steyer in the hotel’s lobby until shooed away by security. Another tracker affiliated with America Rising’s super PAC arm caught Strickland entering Tuesday’s reception.

The convention is “a target-rich environment for us,” said Amelia Chasse, America Rising’s spokeswoman.

When Strickland campaigns in Ohio’s coal-dependent Appalachian region, she said, “that video of him walking into a fundraiser with people who want to shut down the coal industry will be valuable.”

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