WASHINGTON EXAMINER: GOP works to highlight Dem division in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA — A Republican opposition research group plans to draw attention to the divisions that still exist within the Democratic Party throughout its convention here this week.

America Rising added more layers to an existing attack plan over the weekend after the Democratic National Committee chairwoman was forced to resign when her preference for Hillary Clinton over primary rival Bernie Sanders was exposed by the leaked documents from the DNC.

“As a boring coronation by party elites takes place inside the convention hall, outside in the streets Americans will see a Democratic Party deeply divided, and for good reason,” said Amelia Chasse, spokeswoman for America Rising. “The catastrophic fallout from the DNC email leak has confirmed Bernie backers’ worst suspicions about a rigged primary, compounded by a vice presidential pick that did nothing to help Secretary Clinton win over progressives.”

A massive leak of internal documents published by Wikileaks on Friday scrambled the DNC just before its convention kicked off in Philadelphia. The off-the-record emails made public by the leak revealed the DNC’s underhanded efforts to smother Sanders’ populist rise.


In its question-generating app, Grill, America Rising formulated new questions over the weekend to focus on the DNC leak, such as “Do you think the system was always rigged against Bernie Sanders?”

Users of the app are encouraged to pose its questions to superdelegates and elected officials around the convention.

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