June 6, 2017

Not The Onion: John Lewis Compares Ossoff To JFK

Democrats love to hype up Jon Ossoff, even though he’s a serial exaggerator. In the past Ossoff has been compared to Barack Obama. Now Congressman John Lewis is taking that already outrageous comparison, and stretching it to new heights.

Speaking at a Cobb County early vote rally, an America Rising tracker caught Congressman Lewis actually equating the young multi-millionaire with John F. Kennedy:

In fairness to Lewis, JFK and Ossoff actually do have one thing in common: they both come from families whose vast millions have given them a huge advantage in politics. Yet beyond that superficial commonality, comparing Ossoff to JFK is like saying a rec league basketball player is similar to Michael Jordan. It’s true that they’re playing the same sport, but anything beyond that and you’re just being ridiculous.

Democrats are so desperate to turn Ossoff into a legitimate candidate that they’re willing to make the most ludicrous statements about the unqualified Ossoff. Voters know a fraud when they see one though, and Ossoff is one big fraud.