January 19, 2017

Obama’s Ethics Office Can’t Stop Itself From Helping Senate Democrats’ Obstruction Campaign

Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub just can’t help himself. The Obama donor has already gotten in hot water once for his tweeting, and now he’s done it again. Health and Human Services Secretary nominee Tom Price has already been the target of unfair attacks from Chuck Schumer, and during Price’s confirmation hearing, the OGE used its Twitter feed to reinsert themselves in the story:

“The Office of Government Ethics Wednesday sent a series of four tweets outlining its procedures examining incoming Trump administration officials — right in the middle of a contentious Senate hearing about Rep. Tom Price’s stock transactions.”

The OGE is supposed to be a nonpartisan ethics office, yet the timing of their tweets shows that they have embraced their role as an arm of Senate Democrats campaign of obstruction. As America Rising’s timeline shows, Shaub is no stranger to helping out leading Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton. If Shaub cannot control his partisan tendencies, perhaps he’d be better suited to a job at the DNC. They’re currently looking for someone.