June 20, 2017

On Final Day, Jon Ossoff Continues To Face Residency Questions

Today is Election Day in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, which means that Jon Ossoff will join 96.5% of his donors in not being able to vote in the race. Until the very end, Ossoff’s residency issues have dogged his campaign.

In May, Ossoff’s campaign was recorded telling volunteers to reassure voters concerned about Ossoff’s residency issues by saying that he lived only three blocks away from the district line:

This claim had about as much validity as Ossoff’s false claim to be a national security aide. Yesterday, the Washington Free Beacon put the Ossoff campaign’s three block claim to the test. The Free Beacon found it off by miles:

“My Uber from the International Cafe back to my car, which was parked by Ossoff’s place, was 6.55 miles and took 18 minutes and 45 seconds. My walk was about 3.2 miles. A lot longer than 3 blocks.”

Perhaps the Washington Free Beacon investigation had an impact on Ossoff’s talking points because when the candidate appeared on MSNBC last night, his claim now was that he lives “about two miles south of the line”:

Ossoff and his campaign have changed their story about his residency so many times. Just this morning, Ossoff even sought to dismiss questions about his residency by saying voters weren’t concerned with the issue. Throughout this special election, Ossoff’s resume lies and residency issues have eroded whatever credibility he started the race with. After getting caught misleading voters on multiple issues, Ossoff word has little worth left.