March 24, 2017

Once Again Jon Ossoff Exposed As A Fraud: National Security Edition

America Risinghas not hidden how we feel about Jon Ossoff. From the beginning we’ve said he’s a phony and a fraud, whose candidacy has been propped up by national Democrats. Only a spoiled rich kid, with unlimited funds from his parents would be delusional enough to consider themselves qualified for Congress.

To obfuscate Ossoff’s lack of credentials, his campaign claims that the former a cappella singer was a “national security aide with top-secret clearance.” That statement, though, has drawn scrutiny from the Washington Free Beacon, which took a closer look at the tenuous validity of Ossoff’s claim.

First the Washington Free Beacon found that in order to have held top secret clearance for the five years that Ossoff claimed in one of his ads he would have had to have to started while Ossoff was a 20-year-old part-time staffer:

“Ossoff, just shy of 20 years old at the time, was still an a cappella-singing student at Georgetown University when he began. His role in Johnson’s office, according to his LinkedIn profile, was as both a legislative correspondent and a systems administrator—neither of which would require security clearance.”

The Washington Free Beacon also spoke with Sergeant at Arms of the U.S. House of Representatives, the office that handles Congressional security clearances, and found according to the Sergeant at Arms “generally only permanent full-time staffers would be considered for security clearance.”

This means that at the very least Ossoff is exaggerating his experience, and at worst he’s lying about a core aspect of his candidacy. Ossoff is worth as much as $4 million dollars, yet all that money can’t buy off the fact that his campaign is built on the shakiest of foundations.