April 11, 2017

Ossoff Continues To Try To Win By Lying

Jon Ossoff can’t stop making things up. Even after his resume was found to be inflated by multiple independent experts, Ossoff continues to misinform voters about his experience.

In a new ad, Ossoff still calls himself a “national security aide” even though Norman Ornstein, of the American Enterprise Institute, said Ossoff’s statements were ‘resume inflation,’ while the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler notes even the title, “national security aide” is misleading:

“Does this experience mean he was a ‘senior national security staffer’? That is debatable. In Washingtonspeak, national security staffers tend to work on the National Security Council staff or in the Defense Department. Ossoff did not even work on the staff of a major committee, such as Armed Services or International Relations. Instead, he was an aide to a relatively low-ranking member of Congress.”

Ossoff is also being called out in no uncertain terms by none other than Nate Silver:

“Political statistician Nate Silver said Monday that a fundraising email send by Jon Ossoff, the Democratic congressional candidate running in Georgia’s sixth district, ‘was making shit up’ about him. The fundraising email sent out on Monday claimed that Silver said Ossoff must win Georgia’s special election for Democrats to take back the House.”

This troubling pattern is nothing new from Ossoff. The 30 year-old millionaire has been “misleading” voters about his record since he got in the race.