March 13, 2017

VIDEO: Jon Ossoff Exposed By Fellow Democrats At Forum

Democrat Jon Ossoff had some uncomfortable moments at a Georgia 6th Congressional District Democratic Forum. It started when fellow candidate Ragin Edwards asked those in attendance to raise their hand if they lived in the district. Ossoff, who doesn’t live in the district, awkwardly took a drink of water instead.

Things got worse from there when former State Senator Ron Slotin criticized the DCCC and Daily Kos for interfering in the primary. Ossoff has been the beneficiary of support from national Democrats and Daily Kos fundraising efforts.

Slotin wasn’t finished criticizing Ossoff. He pointed out that Ossoff’s business isn’t located in the United States and that he has failed to turn in his financial disclosure:

He didn’t file his financial statements. I’m only asking him, the people in the district need to know your financial statements. Will you make a commitment to turn in your financial statements? It’s fair ever candidate that runs for office. If you want Trump to release his taxes, how can you turn around and not ask a candidate for Congress to release his financial statement.

While national Democrats and liberal groups continue to push Ossoff’s candidacy, Georgia voters are learning just how much of a fraud he is.