June 1, 2017

Ossoff’s Al Jazeera Ties Back In The News

Jon Ossoff’s controversial links to Al Jazeera have been a persistent problem for his congressional campaign. Headlines that highlighted the thousands Ossoff was paid only served to underscore the close connection he has with the Qatari-backed network. Ossoff didn’t help his cause when he even said he was “proud” of the work he did for the network.

Now Al Jazeera is back in the news, and it’s only going to draw further attention back to Ossoff’s history with them. Yesterday, Al Jazeera English tweeted an anti-Semitic cartoon:

“Al Jazeera English quickly deleted a Twitter post on Wednesday that featured an anti-Semitic portrayal of a Jewish man commenting on climate change. The tweet, which was captured by numerous Twitter users before it was deleted, featured a caricature of a Jew saying that the ‘climate change scam is working out perfectly for our long term Talmudic plan of world domination!'”

Worryingly, this isn’t the first time Ossoff’s ties to an anti-Semitic figure have been exposed. Last month, Linda Sarsour, a notoriously anti-Israel activist, announced that she was backing Ossoff’s campaign.

Ossoff’s silence on both occasions was noticeable. Perhaps Ossoff should be spending less time pretending to be a national security aide, and more time speaking out against his controversial associates.