May 2, 2017

Ossoff’s Internal Poll Shows Republican Momentum

Jon Ossoff’s campaign made an $8 million bet that Ossoff could get to 50% on April 18th. When he came up short, it’s clear now they had no plan B. In a sign of Ossoff’s desperation, his campaign released an internal poll which shows that in the week after the special election, Ossoff picked up not a single percentage point over his special election total:

“It shows Ossoff leading Handel 48-47, well within the 4 percent margin of error. It has a scant 5 percent of voters in the district as undecided – reflective of the all-consuming nature of the nationally-watched race.”

In releasing the poll, Ossoff’s Twitter feed said the poll showed “momentum.” He’s right, he’s just referring to the wrong candidate. The candidate that this poll shows with momentum is clearly Republican Karen Handel. Handel came out of a massive Republican field, and after only a week Ossoff’s own poll shows she consolidated the clear majority of the Republican vote.

Ossoff’s error in releasing such a bad poll for him shows the amateur nature of his campaign. Ossoff releasing an internal poll that doesn’t have him at 50% is the latest misstep, right in line with running for Congress and lying about your Congressional experience.