June 26, 2017

Ossoff’s Loss A Sign Of What’s To Come For Pelosi-Linked Democrats

House Democrats got a glimpse of their future last week when Nancy Pelosi’s politically toxic brand was used against Jon Ossoff to great effect. Ossoff had $30 million in campaign cash funneled to him by Pelosi and her DC Democrat allies, but his strong connection to Pelosi proved to be one of the Georgia Democrat’s biggest liabilities:

“That vague message, Democrats said Wednesday, was plainly not powerful enough to counter an onslaught of Republican advertising that cast Mr. Ossoff as a puppet of liberal national Democrats, led by Ms. Pelosi, an intensely unpopular figure on the right and a longstanding target of Republican attacks.”

As the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel pointed out after Ossoff’s big loss, a message linking him to Pelosi was able to move voters:

“The CLF’s mail, provided by a source in the district, makes the point eloquently. In scores of mail pieces sent to Republicans, the same message has been drilled again and again: Ossoff will align with House Democratic Nancy Pelosi (who is unpopular with Republican voters)”

Many House Democrats running in 2018 will have to face very similar challenges because of their own strong links to Pelosi. As America Rising’s new graphic shows, there’s a big cost to being propped up by Pelosi’s cash: